Let's create a better future, together.


leverage profits to create positive impact


leverage novel digital tools and collaboration


leverage the internet and a global audience


Innovation = Combining Ideas

Many people want to 'make the world a better place'. Me too.

Let's leverage compounding effects by making new combinations
of seemingly unrelated concepts. Making a difference, together.

Sustainable Business

Organizations in the 21th century canย  leverage profits, networks and resources to realize positive impact.ย 

The field of collaborative short food chains and agrifood has my focus.ย ย 

Let’s work together on the SDGs, circular economy, and the transition towards profitable sustainability.ย 


Tech & Innovation

The exponential rise of software and hardware changes the world rapidly. My attention is currently onย blockchain technologies.ย 

Let’s collectively explore and learn how these emerging innovations can contribute to sustainability.


Info & Media Design

Effective communication with a high signal-to-noise ratio is essential in this age of information overload.ย 

Visually attractive contentย and gamification elements are key to reach consumers, inform partners, and shape collaborative relations.

Let’s design information, multimedia and experiences to reach our goals.ย 

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Hello, I'm Menno

For over a decade, I have been compounding knowledge about how sustainable life in the 21th century can look. Technological innovation and circular business models are essential in this new brave world.

I worked in the field of digital communication, branding and multimedia design for over five years. Today’s internet and brand-oriented society is native code to my thinking. With both technical and creative skills, I have an interest in information design and human-machine interfaces.ย 
It is my passion to realize positive change and impact via collaboration, networking, and collective action. A strong progressive and holistic vision for the future characterizes me.
Let’s plant the seeds for a better tomorrow, today.

From Information to Knowledge

Let's upgrade new information about technological possibilities to actionable knowledge.

Here is how we can work together.


Practical business insights to leverage new technologies and sustainable innovations.


Spark new thinking and possibilities. Stimulate conversations and knowledge sharing.

Network Analysis

Visualize data from social networks to find new collaborative partners and mutual connections.

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