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27 March 2019

Food on the Move Conference


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new speaker activities are being planned



new speaker activities are being planned

Menno (FB quality) - 08 januari 2017 - 3-2

Hello, I'm Menno

For over a decade, I have been compounding knowledge about how sustainable life in the 21th century can look. Technological innovation and circular business models are essential in this new brave world.

I worked in the field of digital communication, branding and multimedia design for over five years. Today’s internet and brand-oriented society is native code to my thinking. With both technical and creative skills, I have an interest in information design and human-machine interfaces. 
It is my passion to realize positive change and impact via collaboration, networking, and collective action. A strong progressive and holistic vision for the future characterizes me.
Let’s plant the seeds for a better tomorrow, today.

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